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1. All students will be dropped off and picked up from the back parking lot by utilizing the circle drive. In other

words, you will enter on Broadway and exit on Bailey. All students will enter and exit BPM through the door on the

backside of the building. If your student drives, they must park and enter through this door also.

2. There will be a door person at the back door while there are students in the building. Students will be asked

as they enter the building to leave their street shoes & cell phones (they are breeding grounds for germs so only

bring the cell phone in a sealed baggie if at all) in the designated area by the garage door.

3. Dancers will make their way directly to their studio and find a box on the floor. We will have a grid taped on

the floor in each studio to limit physical contact between students and teacher. Please only allow your dancer to

bring the necessary dance shoes and a water to the studio (the water fountain will not be available).

4. When picking up your dancer, please use the circle drive again entering on Broadway and exiting on Bailey.

The door person will ask who you are picking up and then call out the dancer’s name who should be waiting on a

taped line that we have spaced apart on the floor throughout the hallways. If your dancer drives, they can leave

through the back door while adhering to social distancing guidelines.

5. When ready to leave the building, the student will make their way to the garage door area where they can

retrieve their street shoes and cell phones.

6. Please plan to pick your dancer up during breaks, if possible. If not, your dancer will be asked to wait on an X

in the hall 6ft apart . The upstairs will be closed as will the lobby, locker rooms and boutique.

7. BPM will not be open to the public, so only the staff and dancers are allowed inside the building except for 1 adult per dancer for PRESCHOOL aged classes. If you need to communicate with BPM or pick up/drop off anything, please call and the front desk person will meet you in the parking lot. (816) 524-1200

8. Masks are optional for students but required for staff while in the mask mandate for our area. If you provide your student with a mask, please make sure they know to keep it on at all times.

9. Teachers will disinfect their classroom before and after each class by wiping down surfaces with disinfectant

including but not limited to high traffic areas, light switches, door knobs, hair areas between each class.

10. Each student will get a squirt of hand sanitizer as they enter and leave the classroom. Everyone will be encouraged not to leave the room unless it is an emergency.

11. We have 3 bathrooms. One will be designated for staff only. The other two restrooms will be for our dancers.

After each use, the door person will confirm with the dancer that they washed their hands & have them rub sanitizer on their hands too.

The door person will disinfect the toilet seat down, the toilet paper holder, the sink

handles, the light switches and the door knobs in between each use.

12. If a student looks puny, we have a laser thermometer to check temperatures. We have truly debated testing

everyone entering BPM, but we have determined the readings can be inaccurate based on many external factors

like a hot car, wait time, weather, A/C exposure, etc. We also know not every positive case has a fever and kids are

largely asymptomatic. So if a student looks or says they do not feel well, we will be taking their temperature and

sending them home. If a child needs to be picked up, they will be waiting in the lobby isolated away from other

dancers and staff, so please plan to pick them up at the front of the building in the parking lot off Broadway.

Please call the front desk upon your arrival and we will bring your child outside.

13. Please keep your child home if they are sick or live with someone who has been sick, including but not limited

to a fever within the past 48 hours. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE  if your dancer shows any signs of becoming ill or has

been exposed to someone who is sick, keep them home.

14. Each night after the students have left, the lobbies, studios and common areas will be cleaned & disinfected.

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